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upholstery cleaning

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upholstery cleaning

Your furniture and area rugs are used just as often and are just as important as the carpets in your home. Our certified technicians are specially trained in the care of all fabric types,even the most delicate, so you can feel comfortable in knowing they'll choose the proper cleaning solution for your upholstery and rugs.

Ultimate 5-Step Upholstery Cleaning Process

  1. Identify fabric and determine the appropriate cleaning process (steam or dry)
  2. Pre-inspect for problem areas (spots, stains, pet stains)
  3. Pre-treat all areas and spots/stains with special upholstery cleaner
  4. Natural Clean - steam or dry clean
  5. Apply upholstery protector (optional)

Ultimate 7-Step Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Process

  1. We clean onsite or take back to our cleaning facility
  2. Pre-inspect rug for problem areas (spots, stains, pet stains)
  3. Identify fabric - wool or man-made
  4. Pre-treat with low pH cleaner specially designed for rugs
  5. Steam or dry clean - spot treatment or rinse (depending on fabric)
  6. Apply rug protector (optional)
  7. Speed dry with professional blower


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