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Allergy and sinus problems, asthma, and headaches can all be caused by home air pollution. The air in your home can be contaminated by dust, pollen, mold spores, and other allergens that can make your family sick and worsen certain existing health problems. Dirty air ducts can often be the culprit of home air pollution. Allergens collect in the air ducts and are continuously circulated throughout your home. Additionally, dirty air ducts can cause your energy bills to be larger than necessary, costing you extra money each month!

Let ChemFresh clean your air ducts and remove harmful allergens from your home with our guaranteed Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning Service.

Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning Process

  1. Clean supply and return vents
  2. Remove all vent covers and wash with antimicrobial spray.
  3. We insert a hose with a specially designed brush attached to the end with breaks up and vacuums out all contaminants in your duct system.

Additional Services

Fogging - Using an EPA approved cleaner, we will fog your entire duct system which will kill mold and other potentially harmful microbial growth.

System Cleaning - Clean coils and blower and disinfect with antimicrobial spray. This service can reduce high monthly electric bills!

Dryer Vent Cleaning - Reduces the risk of fires and also can reduce electricity bills!

2 Year Guarantee

When you purchase a full system cleaning, we guarantee our antimicrobial treatment will stop re-growth in your system for two full years or we will return and reapply at no additional charge to you.

Licensed - Insured - 100% Guaranteed